It IS Easy to Be GREEN

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Welcome to Ez2B-Green

Unique ~ Functional ~ Affordable

products that support & encourage a

Sustainable Lifestyle!

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Ez2B-Green made its formal debut in San Diego, CA on April 22 (Earth Day) 2009.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ... and REPURPOSE!*

Focusing on the Earth, conservation, recycling, renewable resources, repurposing of existing resources, natural/organic and products and practices that support sustainability, Ez2B-Green is the concept of husband-and-wife business partners, Claire and Ross Winnick. Spinning-off and further developing a portion of their existing business, Win4Web, Inc. (established in 1997), Claire and Ross, through Ez2B-Green, are working toward bringing both old-and-new together (business, products, practices, concepts) in an Earth-Friendly, Community-Friendly, and Economy-Friendly venture.

It IS Easy to be GREEN!

While "Going Green" has become trendy in recent years, much of what Ez2B-Green offers is based on routines our own families have practiced for almost 50 years.

"Take care of the Earth, and in turn the Earth will take care of You."

By bringing a variety of eco-friendly, sustainability-based and affordable items to the local market, Ez2B-Green strives to make it EASY for consumers to

  • put more GREEN into their lifestyles, while
  • taking less GREEN out of their pockets.

Ez2B-Green can help make it EASY for you too.

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* Helpful Definitions:

  • REDUCE: consolidate; make less of, or use less of

  • REUSE: use the same item over again

  • RECYCLE: break down an item to an earlier condition or form, or to its basic components or elements, so that it can be reprocessed into the same (or a different) item

  • REPURPOSE: (the often-overlooked 4th-R) use an item again, but in a different way than originally used (or intended to be used)

  • SUSTAINABILITY: using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged, or a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods

Ez2B-Green   info@Ez2B-Green.com

PO Box 506523 San Diego, CA 92150

ph: (858) 735-5311 

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